Spend This Christmas In Switzerland 2021

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If there is a place in the world where you should visit at Christmas, it has to be Switzerland. Of course, you can visit Switzerland at any time of the year and fall in love right away. But what makes it fantastic is the way it decks up for Christmas, almost making us mistake it for Santa’s own home in the North Pole. 

Christmas is almost here, and you must start shopping if you haven’t already. Switzerland is special at Christmas, and here we discuss what to do this year if you happen to be there. However, before you head out to a new country at a busy time, invest in a self-defense keychain from Self Defense Key Rings. The site has some of the best range of items to take when traveling anywhere. 

Zurich Christmas Market 

The most happening and very touristy place in Switzerland has to be the Zurich Christmas market. You get a giant 50ft tall Swarovski Christmas Tree towering over the square. This is visible from a far-off distance itself, right from the moment you reach the station. You can also check out the large collection of sweets on display here and after you dig into some, move on to Bahnhofstrasse. 

St Moritz is a great shopping district, too, and you can check out the stores where people play ice hockey. The ice run here is iconic, and you must not forget to shop while also enjoying everything from enjoyable musical and dance performances. 

Buy the Right Gifts

You may buy the usual sweaters or jackets for your kids or siblings from St. Moritz. For your teenage daughter moving to a new hostel, buy her a gift that could be a keychain defense tool. This would be a tremendous helpful item to keep her safe wherever she is at any time. Also, this is a portable alarm; it has a discreet design that makes it look like an innocuous key chain, and just one press will give out a loud, ear-piercing alarm of 130db. 

Don’t forget to Treat Your Tastebuds

St Moritz is our personal favorite as there are fondue serving restaurants all around. The Montreux Christmas Market has plenty of restaurants serving hot crepes and candies, with some even selling local-made maple syrup and such mouth-watering goodies. Some chocolates would be the best gifts you can ever buy if your beloved loves sweets and only from the finest makers!

Even St. Gallen is a magical place, and it has the tallest Christmas tree in Switzerland. However, its snow-covered streets and the decorations shall recreate the White Christmas you only read about in books. 

There are groups singing carols that you can listen to and enjoy at every street corner, and did we also say you could enjoy complimentary glühwein. Likewise, even Zermatt has some of the best delicacies and cozy ambiance for visiting Switzerland in 2021. 

This Christmas, the best way to make it memorable would be by visiting and spending some quality time in Switzerland in the good old way! 


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