Yosemite Thanksgiving Camping: Here’s What To Pack For Your Trip

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Yosemite National Park is located on the eastern side of California and is based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The National Park is a 4-hour drive from San Francisco and a 6-hour drive from Los Angeles. It is the best place for camping and hiking because of soaring cliffs, a valley carved by glaciers, granite monoliths, and beautiful waterfalls. 

The greenery in the National Park is maintained by high mountain meadows, huge sequoia trees, and the lush green forest spread widely in the valley. However, if you are camping at Yosemite this Thanksgiving holiday in your RV or the movable tents, you must take care of your safety too. As you will be in the complete wilderness, it is necessary to take care of yourself by using self-defense products.

Let us now see what you need to pack for your Yosemite trip this year on thanksgiving. 

Water Shoes

If you plan to go kayaking, river rafting, or canoeing, it is advisable to pack sturdy water shoes to enjoy the river area. Flip-flops will get stuck in the mud and can break down. It is better to opt for rubber-toe covered shoes to save yourself from cuts from stray logs or getting bruised from the river rocks. Your boots must be ventilated to use appropriately during hiking or camping to a long trail.

High-Performance Big Size Backpack

Buy a high-performance and huge, durable backpack that can carry all your belongings above the Yosemite National Park. Right from your water bottle to your ready-to-eat meals to cookware, it must have everything. The backpack must be rugged enough to carry your sleeping bag and other essential items too. You can keep the keychain self-defense like a pocket-sized key knife, pepper spray keychain, or a personal alarm. These self-defense key rings have become handy and small enough that they can bundle up in your tracking pants too. The items will save you from any untoward advances or stalking.

Right Top And Bottoms

The temperature may change from day to night, so carry a sweat-soaking vest that you can layer with a top and a jacket if the weather changes. It will help in saving your skin from getting exposed to the chilly winter. The fleece jacket is appropriate for the early sunrise time and after sunset. Take the one with extra pockets to keep the self-defense key rings handy while hiking. The weather-specific hiking pants or long bottoms are also a good option. The right bottoms will keep the mosquitoes away and are great for sun protection too. The bottoms with pockets must be chosen to carry your things.

Underwater Camera

When going on a hiking trip, you want to come back with lots of memories too. So, purchase an affordable underwater camera that is compact, lightweight, and durable enough to capture your beautiful moments over the land or under the water. It is excellent to buy a camera that can take amazing pictures of this scenic setup.

Wrapping Up

You may be planning to visit Yosemite for a day or two of hiking trips. You must carry these essential things along with safety products. It will not only make your trip enjoyable but will give a sense of security too. Get the modern defense keychain products with an alarm, pepper spray, whistle, etc., from Self Defense Key Rings today.


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