Self Defense Products on your key rings

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Self Defense Products on your key rings


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Self Defense Balancer


Self Defense Balancer combines the most of our most popular items for those who want to be most prepared. With it, you can feel confident and comfortable that you are prepared for harmony.

Self Defense BEE


A smart device packed with multifunctionalities like you’ve never seen before. A conveniently portable self defense tool that’s safe to carry and quick to work. Self Defense BEE comes in black, pink, and blue and looks classy on any keyring bundles.

Balancer BEE


Carried with a bright flashlight, the Jumbo Bee gives an impactful punch to any potential threats. Grip your safety in your own hands.

Featured Items

Our team is searching for products that are able to bring you a high value and be very useful. We evaluate products each month and add ones we find useful and of high quality, rejecting many more than we add. Your satisfaction with your purchase is our priority.



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