Top Wholesome Gifting Ideas For Your Nomad Friend Or Family Member In 2022

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With the festivities and gifting season, you are always in a rush to find the perfect gift for your friends and family members. But, if you have a nomad family member or friend who is always on the run, finding a valuable gift becomes tricky. Moreover, with the Covid-19 latest norms and regulations, more travelers are adapting to new challenges and traveling styles in 2022. Hence, they need something that is useful, holistic, and serves some essential purpose.

So, here are some ideas for gifting your nomad friend or family member in 2022-

Universal Adapter

If someone travels a lot internationally, this can be their ideal gift. For most international travelers, finding a suitable electric adapter is a challenge due to multiple styles of plug connectors used all over the globe. Make their worries disappear with a modern and sleek universal adaptor. Most adaptors come with US, UK, EU, AUS adapters. Hence, they will be able to change their devices anywhere they go, and you will remain connected with your loved ones without any worries.

Self-defense Keychain

Not every place is safe for tourists, and running into a problem requires some self-defense weapons. Often you are worried about that person who is traveling alone in a different city or country. As most countries have strict weapon regulations, carrying a conventional self-defense item may not be permitted.

This year, give your loved ones a self defense keychain. These items are modern in design, unrecognizable for others, and offer enough chances to escape unwanted situations. These unique keychains come with pepper spray, a small knife, alarm, whistle, balance and harmony key tool, etc., in a single unit. It is multipurpose and suits people with different personalities and their need for self-defense

Portable Luggage Scale

The worst part of flying is giving a fine for overweight luggage for travelers. Most airlines are strict with their luggage limit and charge a hefty fine. In 2022, give your traveler family members a portable luggage scale. It is a compact machine and allows the user to check the luggage weight instantly! With this, they will save a lot of money and will not have to worry about exceeding luggage limits.

Disposable Paper Soap Sheets

With the recent outbreak of Omicron, sanitation is becoming one of the top priorities among travelers. And those who travel regularly and frequently find some effective hand washing method often becomes a daunting task, and they often rely on a simple hand sanitizer. Now, as a responsible friend or relative, give them disposable paper soap sheets and carry boxes. These are small items that fit inside a small purse or a backpack. Additionally, the soap sheets are practical and are hassle-free.

You can also give them multiple packs of paper soap sheet boxes to protect them from Covid anywhere, anytime!

Personal Water Filter

For travelers, purified and drinkable water is among the primary concerns. After all, nobody wants to face bad diarrhea or any other health problems due to the poor quality of drinking water! In 2022, provide a sustainable drinking source for your relatives in the form of a personal water filter. These filters are portable and contain active charcoal and other purifying agents to purify water instantly. You need to drink through this filter. You can drink from a stream, a tap, or even a bottle with their filter! So whenever they go, they will always get fresh and pure water!

Toiletry Bottle Set

Toiletries are essential for anyone including kids! So give your loved ones a travel-friendly toiletry bottle kit! It is compact, spillage-free, and easily fits inside a handbag. Moreover, this kit is sustainable, and anyone can reuse it thousands of times!


Here are some of the wholesome gifts, including a self defense keychain that will be ideal for 2022. You can shop online easily for these gift items to offer some comfort and safety for your loved ones with your gift in 2022!


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