Top 3 Amusement Parks to Visit in California

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If you want to explore California’s amusement and theme parks, you’re spoiled for choice because the variety in the Golden State is endless. From Lego lovers to movie buffs and beach enthusiasts to nature explorers, California’s amusement parks deliver it all. Whether you’re exploring California alone or have young ones to keep entertained, you’ll never run out of choices. 

However, this much variety can make narrowing down to top amusement parks in California daunting. That’s why we have listed the top 3 amusement parks you can visit in California and make the most out of your trip. 

But whichever amusement or theme park you visit, keep a self-defense keychain or a self defense whistle with you because these places are often crowded. If you travel alone, a self-defense keychain will give you the confidence that you can conquer every difficulty. 

Moving on, here are the parks you cannot miss when in California:

Disneyland Park 

How can you miss the happiest place on earth while visiting Orange County? This is where the magic happens, and your favorite characters come live in front of you. Disneyland Park surely trumps other places in terms of variety and entertainment. 

From meeting Disney royalty to experiencing rides inspired by your favorite movie characters, this amusement park covers it all. In summer, you can beat the heat on a splash mountain or jump in the water on a submarine. The entertainment choices at Disneyland Park won’t run out, no matter how old you are. So, if you want to relive your childhood Disney-inspired days or have a kid in tow to entertain, Disneyland Park awaits you!

SeaWorld San Diego 

If you want a combination of marine life and adventure rides, SeaWorld San Diego won’t fail your expectations. This park offers multiple educational purposes by bringing exotic marine life right in front of you, leaving you mesmerized. 

Once you’re done naturing, it’s time for some water action. You can get aboard a cruise directly from SeaWorld Park and soak in the golden sun. San Diego’s shoreline has a lot to offer; if you’re missing the water fun and need some time away from the chaos, this beautiful park should be your next spot. And while you are aboard a cruise to meet Atlantis, don’t forget your self defense keychain; it will keep you safe in crowded and unruly tourist places. Since your safety comes first, keeping a self-defense keychain handy is smart to prevent pickpocketing and snatching incidents. 

Universal Studios Hollywood 

Bring on that movie buff in you because it’s time to see your favorite character props up close. Universal Studios Hollywood is an amusement park based on popular films and revolves around their characters. You can explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or enter Jurassic World–your choice. 

This amusement park has seven themed rides, character props, and movie sets to keep you entertained. So, pack your bag, grab your self-defense keychain, and go exploring the marvelous adventures of Universal Studios. 

Amusement parks in California offer the perfect combination of entertainment, nature, and adventures. Once you enter the Golden State, your choice will be limitless, and you’ll love roaming around these parks!


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