Sharpen Your Mind And Awareness Levels To Protect Yourself

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As it is rightly said, “The first step towards change is awareness, and the second step is acceptance.”

But, to sharpen your mind and awareness levels, you need to develop your focus and excellently train your mind. If you are focused, you will be more successful. The improvement in focus levels applies to the person’s athletic performance, skill acquisition, work results, entrepreneurial success, and protection when alone. However, a modern study reported that the attention span of humans has decreased. It has fallen to 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. But, a few experts detest it and state that awareness and attention levels are task-dependent. 

Sharpen Your Mind With ‘I Method’

By practicing Introduction, Isolation, and Integration, you can learn 10x faster and sharpen your awareness levels. If you are learning a self-defense move, then in the introduction phase, you must learn one or two moves instead of understanding all the complexities. In the Isolation phase, start practicing the moves every day and structure your brain to adapt to the moves. Now, in the Integration phase, you can actually use the moves, and your focus on the particular moves has developed more than in the Introduction phase.

Apart from these techniques, many significant ways will help you strengthen your memory and help you learn things 10x faster. It will help in avoiding difficult situations, and you can use the self-defense products like pink Balancer 6, Serenity 4, Motherload18, etc., seamlessly. These keyrings come with a personal alarm, key knife, whistle, pepper spray, etc.

How To Sharpen Your Awareness Levels?

The awareness levels in a person can only get sharpened up if they regularly train their mind by doing different activities. It will help in increasing the focus and attention span of a person.

  • Converse With Someone Smarter: You must indulge in the art of conversation with a person who is smarter than you. This will stimulate your mind and learn some smart ways to apply in real life. Start seeking out interesting people and indulging in conversation with them.
  • Do Brain Workouts: We need to do physical workouts to keep our body fit, so we need to carry out mental workouts. By doing 15 minutes of brain training activities, we can also raise our awareness level and increase our attention span. You can practice adult puzzles, crosswords, etc., to improve your focus.
  • Learn New Things: Sticking to the old patterns and things may dull your mind in the long run. So, start learning new things like joining creative classes, learning self-defense moves to protect yourself when alone, taking up photography lessons, learning foreign languages, etc.
  • Boost Cognitive Functioning: If you always want to stay alert of your surroundings and not fall victim in any circumstance, learn different games or draw artistic patterns. It will stimulate your brain to focus and strengthen your cognitive levels. It will also help you to use the self-defense gadgets with ease during a difficult time.


If you are interested in increasing your awareness levels and sharpening your mind, start practicing new things every day. It will keep your brain engaged too. Use the personal alarm, pepper spray, etc., from the Self Defense Key Rings store and protect yourself from untoward situations.


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