Top 5 Techniques of Improving Your Self Awareness Level

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Self-awareness is the state that informs us about our true selves. Being aware of the actual facets of us, we can develop more intense feelings of legitimacy, openness, and trust, introducing us to our craving from the outside world and a character, which is more influential.

Do you have any uncontrollable tendencies or behaviors that often recur despite you knowing their ill effects? Building up an enhanced self-awareness is difficult to achieve, but striving with certain habits and exercises, it’s possible. But what are they? One of them can be diminishing your affinity of getting unsecured by purchasing self defense products from Self Defense Key Rings. But more are there, and this page will enlighten the top 5 of them in the following section.

Discern Why Negative Emotions are Getting Evoked

We all love and strive to stay happy all the time. Although, often, emotions like sadness, anger, shame, or others deviate us from the path of contentment. Many often don’t know why such emotions engulf them from time to time. If you are too experiencing such a situation, it’s time to take a walk down the memory lane and find out the root cause of that emotion. 

If you notice it to appear because of something that doesn’t even possess any meaning for you at present, there’s no need to pamper it further. Try to place an optimistic viewpoint before that occurrence, and when the emotion hits you again, consciously deal with it through that changed perspective. For example, putting self defense key rings like Motherload 18 in our pocket makes us feel safer before doing everything else. 

Don’t Give Reactions to Things Instantly 

Often, we respond to people or occurrences before we should, which can become harmful for our relationships, reputation, and others. Hence, as you are trying to increase self-awareness, give some time to yourself before reacting to any situation. In this way, your prefrontal cortex gets the time to consider the situation you are in and creates the most suitable responses. It’s very akin to thinking correctly while successfully defending yourself from an attacker

Stay Near Happiness 

Your endeavors of finding out emotional triggers should be a two-way journey. Meaning, along with identifying the reasons behind melancholy, the factors giving you contentment should be unearthed as well. After identifying, list them up, and plan for those things that can endow you with real measures of happiness.


Yes! It would be tough to find an easy and effective tool for acquiring greater self-awareness for you. Upon meditation regularly, you will find yourself at a more poised stance where the surges of uncontrollable emotions will be minimized prolifically. Besides, there’s no need to practice any tricky meditational methods for it, simply concentrating on your breathing, sitting in a composed and comfortable position will do the job for you. 

Don’t Take Emotional Decisions 

Emotions invariably propel us to make instantaneous decisions, which often come out wrong when we think about them later. It’s something you need to restrain yourself from. Always let your mind make the decisions for you, sparing you from getting entrapped by the errors of emotional decisions.  


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