How To Defend Yourself Against An Attacker

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We live in a dangerous world where we have to be on our own and fight it out against anyone who harms us. So what do we do? We have to be on the watch for any personal or physical assault. It could be the way to our college or workplace, or even you are on vacation with friends. 

Check out the best self-defense products from Self Defense Key Rings. The store has some of the best keyrings with chain or personal safety alarms. These are the best discreet items to keep by yourself to avoid any such unexpected event. Besides these, we also have to look for other ways to safeguard ourselves from attackers. How do we do that? Here are a few tips. 

Be Wary of Surroundings

Many people these days walk on the lone streets with their faces peering into their smartphones. They do the same thing on the bus, in the cab, or even in the underground metro. If you too do the same, make sure to carry a pepper spray keychain at least. It would be handy to use when you sense danger or are attacked by someone from behind. 

Be Confident

When you walk alone, do not look afraid of the neighborhood or surroundings. Assailants usually do not try to mob or try to approach someone very confident. That gait would scare them away. Also, carry a small folding knife key in your purse just so that in case they approach, you can act fast and scare them away. 

Do not Get too Comfortable Anywhere

When you are partying with friends or alone, do not let yourself loose. Trust your intuition and do not trust anyone or everyone. Do not strike up a personal conversation with anyone or talk a lot about yourself. Try not to talk loud on your phone, revealing your details to the other person. Also, if you are a woman, do not leave your drink unattended for long. 

Learn a Few Basics of Self Defense

Of course, these days, you can shop for several self-defense key rings or gadgets. But what if you are away from these or need more of a freehand control? Hence, you need to know how to punch a KO to the attacker. Remember your forearm and elbow can save you from any attack. Also, make sure to gauge the attacker’s height and body shape before you deliver punches.

These would be great as you give back in full force. Know that kicking in the attacker’s groin will give you enough time to take the whistle from your Serenity 4 self-defense gadgets and draw attention. 

These are some of the best hacks to keep you safe at all times. Focus on your presence of mind and try to get better of the situation. These would be coming in handy when you are alone and have to rely on yourself for protection.


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