Learn 5 Self-Defense Technique Hacks Under 5 Minutes

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The essential form of self-defense is self-awareness. You cannot control people’s actions, but yes, you can be alert while walking, driving, or speaking to anyone outside. Even these self-defense techniques are great to learn when you are home alone. Why let others spoil the fun you are having in your life when you can stay armed with the knowledge of protecting yourself. 

Here are a few tips that will help you convey “Don’t mess with me.”

  • Make Eye Contact: Do not let the person know that you are an easier target by avoiding eye contact. Make firm eye contact, and let them know you are aware of the attack. Keep a pepper spray keychain or a personal safety alarm when intimidated by an attacker to use it quickly and safeguard yourself. 
  • Fight Back: There are situations when we have to fight back with our attackers because they are becoming the potential threat. You can focus on the critical areas like the groin, feet, eyes, and throat to injure the person. Be calm while you are making a movement, and never show signs of fear.
  • Follow Your Gut Instinct: When outside, follow your own pace and gut instinct, as it is always right. If you need to defend yourself, use handy tools like a self-defense keychain, any accessory, or use the self-defense technique to safeguard your life. 

Self-Defense Techniques Under 5 Minutes

  1. Groin Kick: If someone approaches you from the front, the groin kick is best to keep the attacker away from you. It will paralyze the attacker and give you enough space to run. For making this kick, you must use your dominant leg but stabilize yourself to avoid the fall.
  2. Elbow Strike: If the attacker is right on your face, and you cannot use the kick or the punch, the elbow is a great option. Be in a stable position to deliver this blow to strike your attacker hard on his jawline, neck, temple, or chin. 
  3. Hammer Strike: You can use the self-defense products like keychains, car keys, alarms, or pepper spray key rings to make this move. Never use your nails, as it can injure your hand. For hammer strike, stick out your keys from your fist to create a safe move. You can even let the lanyard swing at the attacker that will hit him tightly with the key.
  4. Strike at the Pressure Points: It is a great thumb rule while making the self-defense move. If someone is trying to hold you from the back, put pressure on the joints of the hand, stretch the hand wide, and kick on the anterior tibialis muscle on the attacker’s leg.
  5. Escaping from Side Headlock: This attack can prove fatal if you panic. So, don’t panic, and make sure to save yourself from choking yourself. Here, turn to the attacker’s side and, with your hand, strike his weak spot. It will give you the mobility to disengage from the headlock done by the attacker.

Therefore, these 5 minutes self-defense hacks are a must for women to know. Be at peace and stabilize yourself when you face any untoward situation. You can get the self-defense gears from Self Defense Key Rings to avoid the attack and maintain your safety every time. 


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