Strategies To Safeguard Yourself Without A Gun

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Nothing can beat a gun except a bigger gun in self-defending. But it’s also true that because of the increasing firmness in gun control laws, everyone can’t keep licensed firearms with them. However, if someone intrudes in your house or makes you entrapped with sham intentions somewhere outside, you won’t be able to defend yourself by describing why you don’t have a gun. 

In such a situation, making fast and correct decisions becomes life-saving. Therefore, your approach needs to be preplanned. And believe us, if you can keep your nerves in those situations, plenty of self-defense products are available to protect yourself even without a gun. So, let’s talk about ways to protect yourself even if you aren’t a gun owner.  

Put Pepper Spray in Invader’s Eyes

Capsaicin is the name of the inflammatory compound that is used as a pepper spray solution. Paper sprays are primarily used for self-defense purposes since if you can spray them on the intruder’s eyes, he will be doing nothing but wincing with tremendous pain and the sensation of burning in his eyes. 

He will instantaneously become incompetent to do any harm to you. Of course, then, your only duty would be calling the police. Although pepper spray containers come in various shapes and sizes, Self Defence Key Rings manufactures them as small as possible, incorporating them with key rings. Hence, you get self-defense products like Balancer 6, Serenity 4, and many others with pepper spray and multiple other self-defending tools. All you need to do is to stopover at their site and select the product that seems fitting. 

Let Your Personal Safety Alarm be Ringing

Calling people from around for help is yet another method of saving yourself without requiring a gun. However, you don’t need to scream because a personal safety alarm would be far noisier than you shouting for help. Furthermore, people will gather within a few seconds after you switch on the warning and start producing sound in high frequencies. Hence, the impostor won’t have any option but fleeting.

Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are multiple task servers, and you already know it. From cutting fruits to your favorite pencils to engraving some not-so-nice tattoos on the attacker’s body, small knives are jack of all trades in all cases. If you notice that the person threatening you doesn’t have such a weapon, it just requires putting out a knife from your pocket. Try to mark him with some nonlethal cuts, and he will be worried enough to consider retreating. However, the situation might change drastically if he comes out with a giant knife or a gun. 

Wrapping Up

These are the ways to protect yourself from someone without having a gun. However, if you can find any chance of avoiding that encounter, you should do it without considering any other thing. Thus, these methods should be opted for only when you can’t find anything but charging against that man. Besides, most intriguing, all these products are readily available on web-based platforms. Shop now!


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