Debunking The Self Defense Tools Myths

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We all have to take care of ourselves at all times. Since eternity, we have been cautious of ourselves and the people we take responsibility for. These include our spouse and our kids. If we have senior parents also living with us, we may need to take care of them.

When we say ‘take care,’ we mean taking steps to give them security. How do you provide the best security to the people around you? Do you teach your kids self-defense or have security guards around them? Many tools exist in the market for you to pick and use. Check out the self-defense products from Self Defence Key Rings. We have plenty of utility tools that can come in handy. However, before that, let us check out the self-defense tool myths. 

No Need to Worry unless Traveling Late

This is a myth as attackers might prey upon people even in broad daylight if they choose to. All they have to do is to check the opportune moment and place. If you walk on a deserted lane, you might invite trouble if you are unaware of the neighborhood. Staying aware will be a necessity. 

Carrying One Tool is Enough

Many people say that it is not even necessary to carry anything and all you need is a strong fist. Knowing that you are carrying a keychain mace will be enough to give you some confidence. You can buy one and keep it inside a purse, and that would be enough. Also, you can add one more self-defense item to give yourself an upper edge. When you give this to your wife for her safety, you are simply giving her the wings to fly. 

Many people recommend you to shout and warn the attackers that you have pepper spray or a mace. You may do that if you see someone coming from a distance and you do not feel safe. This is great, and a person aware of the damage it can do to them will run away. You may even try this same trick by having a key knife as it can deter them, and they may be scared that you are ready. 

Knowing Karate is enough

Taekwondo, or Karate skills, can give you enough agility and bravado to land a punch in the face of the assailant. But remember that you need the presence of mind before you use it. Also, it makes a lot of work more manageable if you have a weapon handy. 

Hair Styles Matter

Not really if you are ready to fight back. Many people feel that women with long hair or tied their hair in a ponytail can be easy targets. However, it is not so as the victims with short hair can also fall into trouble.  

Though these myths exist, you have to alert your near and dear ones at all times. They should also try to do everything to be safe and not take too many unwanted risks as much as possible. 


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