Biggest Mistakes People Make When Using Self Defense Tools & How You Can Avoid That

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Many of us find ourselves in different situations, and we may have to make immediate decisions too. We may not have time to think or strategize. For instance, if we find assailants on our heels, what do we do? We may have to look for self-defense gadgets to protect ourselves. These are the investments you might want to make for yourself occasionally to ensure you remain safe. Just make sure to pick these from the ultimate self-defense store, called Self Defense Key Rings store. Coming back to safeguarding yourself, we have to remember that we have to remember these points and avoid them. 

Not Noticing the Assailant 

People often say that they did not notice the assailant who was coming for them. They may have just gone for a jog, and someone might have grabbed them from behind or from a side alley. That is unfortunate, especially when they are cautious of their road ahead. However, when you are out, make sure to check everything ahead of you. It is a necessity, and you must keep your smartphone aside. It would help you in judging the road ahead and especially at night. 

Not Judging the Assailant Right 

How many people are coming there? How are they? Tall and well built or short and thin? Do they have weapons or simply are bare-handed? Calculate all of these matters and then judge the scenario. Learn how to tackle them. However, if you find the place dark and the assailants may plan what to do to give you an escape route. 

Running Away 

Imagine you running away from the assailants because you think you can get the help that way. However, it is not always practical. Why? If you are walking in a new area and find assailants approaching you, running away might not help. You may have to think of places to hide or get help from. You may not know how the road is, and if it is a rainy night, you might get loose gravel or muddy potholes or, even worse, poor visibility. It can only cause you to trip and fall. So, do not go running away. 

Use the Handy Tools 

If you have pepper spray or a mace in hand, use them. You may wonder how to get both together? These days, you can get Balancer 6, a bundle key ring bunch. It has a key knife, pepper spray, a whistle, and a sharp alarm. All of these come in a single bunch and therefore can save you a lot of space. It comes in a compact size and thus, gives you options to use any of the same. You need not just wonder what to do with a single keyring alone. 

Also, plan what to do next when you press an alarm or alert the police through 911. If you have injured people lying around, get help. If you have injured yourself, go for a medical check-up and file a complaint. Any action, whether an offensive or a defensive, should give you an upper edge and keep you safe. It should be your focus at all times. 


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