Top Sees And Eats In San Francisco – If You Want The Real Tang Of It

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Embracing a bouquet of scenic places and exhilaratingly possible things within it, San Francisco loves being surrounded by water. Nestled in the Northern part of the San Francisco Peninsula, it keeps the waves of the Pacific Ocean at the west, while San Francisco Bay is at the East. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Silicon Valley, the iconic Anchor Steam Beer to Irish Coffee in Buena Vista Café – San Francisco will never fall short in terms of must-sees and eats if you plan to roam there for a few days. However, which are the best of them?

Top Sees in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

You have visited San Francisco and haven’t seen Golden Gate – such a mistake would be too tough to digest, much like not keeping self-defense products like Balancer 6 from Self Defense Key Rings. Yet, from many places in San Francisco, the bridge can come into sight. But many consider Baker Beach as the best place to watch it. The reason is, the beach will not only endow you with a great frame to spot its magnificence but also some comfy waves to keep your feet entertained. 

Treasure Island 

They call it Treasure Island because of the fantastic view of the bay and city it proffers to visitors. The picturesque beach is worth visiting at least once. Moreover, you can also squander a few hours in the old military base beside the beach. Oh, and don’t forget to keep yourself safe, keeping self-defense gadgets with you, along with sharpened mind and awareness levels

Musee Mecanique 

Located at the Fisherman’s Wharf area, the Musee Mecanique museum is yet another must-visit with 300 mechanical machines, the world’s most extensive collection of antique arcade games. You can enter the museum free of cost and play the games in exchange for small prices. 

Top Eats in San Francisco 

Anchor Steam Beer

The name Anchor Steam Beer originated when beer used to be produced by brewers using primitive methods and the cold climate of San Francisco. Presently, you can still make visits to those breweries and satisfy your quenching souls with this renowned beverage of San Francisco. 

Mission District’s Mission Burrito 

Originated in San Francisco’s Mission District, the Mission burrito still reflects the cultural profusion of Central America. Wrapping several appetizers like sour cream, salsa, and sour cream with rice, the Mission Burrito is known for being big! At present, hundreds of outlets are serving visitors this tasty treat every day. In addition, it, indeed, should be within your must-eat list if you plan a trip to San Francisco anytime.

Sea Food from Fisherman’s Wharf 

The heaven of sea-food lovers in San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf stands alluring with its multi-cultural history. You can try out Cioppino. It’s an American-Italian stew, trendy among the locals and tourists. Besides, your love for oysters and Dungeness Crabs can haul you to this place as well.


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