Road Trip Must Haves: How To Stay Safe While You Are Away From Home

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Vacation days are ahead, so is the time to take the best long road trips to escape the city hustle and bustle. It’s all fun while narrowing down the destinations and hopping onto a long trip. But, before that, you must be carrying out mindful planning on how to make your road trip entertaining and safe. It is excellent to carry the road emergency kit with extra clothing, blankets, flashlight, two ropes, and a defense keychain. 

Yes, modern key rings provide utmost security as they have an alarm, pepper spray, small knife, whistle, and a keychain. These all-in-one key rings, like alarm key ring, Diplomat 5, etc., are a complete combination to balance your secured lifestyle. 

Let us now dig at a few tips to stay safe while going on a long road trip.

Study the Route

When going on a long road trip, make sure to study the route. As different states impose COVID-19 restrictions, it is better to study the routes that are closed. It will help you with carefully driving in the restricted areas, and by planning, you will not have to look at the map again and again. To be safe on the road, you must be fully aware of the whole map of the area that will keep off the restrictions, and there will be no limitations to your road fun too.

No More Mobile Distractions

Mobiles are real distractions when it comes to driving nowadays. It can lead to problems, so it’s better to avoid the phones. For checking out routes on the long road trip, you must study the area thoroughly. It is best to use GPS sometimes, but it can lead to distractions if you are always drawn to your calls. Minimize taking the calls while driving to save yourself from any untimely situation. 

Be Smart on the Road

Be smart on the road when you take a break after every two hours. While talking to strangers, be alert but at the same time keep a smiling face because everyone is not that bad. Being alert is great! It would help if you kept the self-defense gadgets with you, and being abreast with some safety moves is also a good idea. In the end, we all want a peaceful and fun-filled journey without any hassles. A pepper spray keychain, key knife small, cutting tool, waterproof matches, first-aid kit, water, snacks, bedding, etc., are a few essential things.

Update Your Family and Friends

We all want to make memories while going on a short or a long road trip. At the same time, keep our family and friends alongside our itinerary and safety gadgets. Updating our trusted people about our trip will give them peace of mind too. Even keeping trusted people in your emergency contact list is a good thing. 


A short or long road trip makes excellent memories and does not feel fearful of unknown roads. Great planning ahead of the trip will balance your safety, and keeping modern tools and keychains will also give you a sense of security. Enjoy your road travel with the safety products from Self Defense Key Rings, and make the most out of your trip. 


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