Let’s Check Out What’s In My School Backpack Today

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There is a separate segment trending in all social media sites, one of, ‘What’s in my bag.’ We have taken that idea to find out what’s in your backpack. In this article, we shall discuss everything that you carry to school. 

We know your school bag or the satchel is your go-to accessory, and you carry your world in it. So, what are all essentials you will need for school? Let’s find out. 

Your Wallet 

Of course, the wallet is essential, and it can carry ID proof documents, credit cards, and debit cards. Primarily, the world revolves around money, and so you will also carry the cash to travel or just grab lunch from some cafeteria or a deli. These would be in any bag, and yours is not an exception! Don’t forget those loose changes for some little knick-knacks to have on the way or when you hang out with friends. 

Safety Gear 

A smart key-knife can be your best company if you have to travel far or in a new city. You need not worry about any threat near you when you have this kind of safety gear with you. This folding knife on a key chain or a self defense keychain will look like a general key but can help you ward off threats if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation. Also, you can use the knife to cut anything from a plastic bag to an apple just in case you intend to have one for lunch today impromptu on a road trip

Another item that can be discreet safety equipment is the alarm for key chain. Its 130db of alarm noise comes with an LED function, and you can even fix your keys to the draw here. These alarms are the cutest ones and can alert people anywhere. Get these from Self Defense Key Rings. 


The sunglasses have moved away from being just a pair of shades to stay chic. School and college are where you can look great and who would want to miss such a golden opportunity? So, don’t forget to grab a pair of sunglasses for yourself and pop it into your bag. 

A Deodorant 

You should always smell good wherever you go. Whether it is a compact pocket deo spray or a deo-stick, many would not be able to function without spraying one on themselves. We get it! The effect of deo spray on us is more relaxing and prepares us mentally than to smell good. 

A Pencil Case 

Don’t forget to carry a separate case or pouch for your pencils, pens, and other stationery.

A Pack of Paper Napkins or Tissues 

You can never go wrong with a pack of tissues handy in your bag. They may help you in case of an emergency clean-up. These days, with pollution and dirt all around, it makes sense to carry these with you wherever you go. 

Finally, Stay Hydrated with Water 

The most important source of life on earth- water. How can we forget that? Every backpack has a separate compartment for putting in that water bottle.

Wading through a day without any of these would be unimaginable. 


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