Self Defense Products can be Stylish Too

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Defense Key Rings | 0 comments

Keychain Mace and Self Defense Products have never been more stylish with the new bundle key rings. Find out how to pair each self defense product and bundle key ring set!

Minimalist Chic

The minimalist with clip key ring set is the perfect addition to anyone who loves a sleek, minimalist style to their outfits, objects, and outlook on life. With a black leather key ring executive for a stylish handle to your safety, and lustrous key knife and silver whistle set, you can now pair your self defense products with your outfits without the worry of mismatch or danger. Minimalism is something that never goes out of style and is always necessary, just life self defense. 

Stacked and Layered

If you are someone who loves wearing layers, stacking on jewelry or accessories, or just loves the look of pairing different pieces together while feeling comfortable and prepared, the Balancer 6 set is the perfect self defense product. With two colorways (silver, black, gold and pink, rose gold, silver) the Balancer 6 is the set that has lots of self defense products stacked on one keychain while offering the practical benefits of comfort and caution, with a myriad of defense products at your disposal. 


Trends are always coming and going, which is why for those folks who love to follow trends in the aesthetic parts of their life, there are two colors offered for each single key ring product. Whether you want a throwback to the nostalgic famous color of the 2010’s with the rose gold key tool or a funky colored 2000s keychain mace in pink, or a minimalistic modern silver key knife, there are a myriad of options to choose from. 

Funky and Fresh

For those adventurous expressionists who love to play with color, the Diplomat 5 in pink is a perfect accessory to keep you safe and add a pop of color and texture to your outfit as well. With a stylish and fuzzy bright pink pom pom, a rose gold key tool, a pink keychain mace, and a tie dye strap to finish it off, this bundle keyring set is perfect for those who love to be bold with their style, fresh with their looks, and add a little bit of funky to the world. 


The new trend of 2021 is maximalism, and if you are someone who loves to mix and match, then the Motherload 18 bundle self defense product is a great fit. With 18 different self defense products from key tools, key rings, key knifes, keychain mace, pom poms, whistles and alarms, this is a great set for gifts, or for those who love to customize their own products and get the most out of what they own. Make the most of maximalism where it matters—self defense. 

No matter how you like to express yourself, our self defense products have a variety of items to choose from, so that your self defense needs and style needs are both covered by the same product. From pepper spray, key knives, alarms and whistles, to key rings and key tools—the options for how you want to defend yourself continue to grow. It’s time to make self defense the new accessory. 


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