Master A Few Defensive Moves

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Imagine you are walking in a dark lane, and you hear some unknown footsteps following you. Your heart begins to palpitate, and you start walking faster to reach a safe place. Think, what will happen, if you don’t know how to defend yourself at that time? Hence to deter such situations that make you feel physically unsafe, mastering some shielding moves can help come out from such adverse conditions and immediately bring peace and harmony. 

Moreover, keeping a handy self-defense product like a small knife or pepper spray keychains in your purse can be more useful in times of ultimate need. They are available hugely at Self Defense Key Rings to keep yourself safe when you are alone. 

A Tight Ear Slap may Fall the Attacker

What will happen as you get stuck in an elevator with a stranger who is standing nearby and has bad intentions in his mind? To prevent an assault, without panicking or shouting for help, master how to give a tight slap at the ear that can rupture the eardrum. It shows an instant result, as you could notice, the person could hardly move from his place for a few minutes, and in the meantime, you can call for emergency help. A self-defense key chain will also help in such situations.

Use the Material you are Accompanying with You

Mostly, women face the problem of being assaulted by the teaser on the roads. In that case, you may use your belongings in the right way to protect yourself. For instance, If you have a purse with you, use them as a shield, or you have a scarf with you, use them to tie his hands or make a tight knot around his neck so that he can realize your strength. 

Apart from these, make it a habit to keep self-defense keyrings in your purse. It has everything like a small knife, pepper spray, and other sharp tools to fight with the attacker. Moreover, it comes at the best affordable price and extraordinary usefulness. 

Moves to Safeguard Yourself if You are Attacked from Behind

The most common way to hook a girl from behind is to hold her hair. To come out of this situation, women need to master a defense technique. If you anyhow fall in this situation, firstly, hold the attacker’s hand tightly; it will uplift your confidence. Then rightly use your feet to kick him between his two legs. It will fall him back, and you could get sufficient time to run away. 

Besides, you can acquire a personal safety alarm, which is lightweight and stylish enough to keep it as an accessory in your purse. Press the button whenever a robber tries to snatch away your bag. It will immediately call an alarm in the surroundings. 

Wrapping Up

Want to feel confident about defending yourself in adverse situations? If yes, try the above techniques and also acquire self-defense equipment as a support in your need. They are beneficial in recent days, especially to give you a sense of security and safety.


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