College Self Defense Keychain Essentials

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Going to college is a big milestone and can be exciting yet nerve wracking at the same time. You may be a parent sending your child off to college or an incoming freshmen. Whatever the new and exciting situation may be, make sure you’re prepared with self defense key rings. From exploring a new environment to late night studying at the library to a fun night out with friends, SDKR has great self defense key rings for you to enjoy your time at college and feel more at peace. Here are SDKR’s reccomended bundles for you to optimize your college experience:

Minimalist with Clip

This set is small, but mighty. It looks like just a set of keys from afar, but up close it is a sleek set of keychain for self defense. This bundle contains a key knife, whistle, and keyring leather. This set is great if you want to travel light and want some protection. This is an excellent set for on the go and it is small enough to fit inside your pockets. 

Serenity 4

Exploring your new college environment while having the Serenity 4 by your side will help you feel at peace. Wherever you go, bring this along and have an alarm for a keychain attached. In case of emergencies, you can pull the pin and it will trigger a loud volume. The alarm on this keychain is perfect for a variety of areas and its loud noise will help call out potential threats close by. If you are spending late nights at the library or a night of fun in your college town, this is the greatest sidekick you can bring along to feel calmer and at peace. 

Diplomat 5

The Diplomat 5 is wonderful for users of any age. If you are nervous or overwhelmed about using self defense keyrings, we recommend you start off with this bundle. To build up your confidence before trying out SDKR’s other tools, we recommend you start off with this bundle. Having this set with you at college will help ease any first day of school jitters. 

Balancer 6

Feel confident and comfortable that you’re prepared for harmony with the Balancer 6. This bundle contains our most popular items: whistle, alarm, key tool, key knife, keyring striped loop, and pepper spray. Whether you are alone or with friends, this set will make you feel prepared for any situation to come. This set comes in two colors and is great if you want to add a pop of color with the pink bundle or keep your outfit sleek and classy with the silver bundle. 

Motherload 18

Our biggest and greatest bundle yet. If you want to have a variety of items and colors to choose from, but hate making decisions, this is the perfect bundle to take to college. With 18 different self defense tools, you have a ton of tools to choose from. The variety in this bundle gives you the option to customize your own set to suit your needs. The Motherload 18 comes with multiples of every tool, so it is perfect for making customizable sets for your family and friends. Spread the peace and harmony among your new college friends! This self defense keychain bundle has everything you need and more. 


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