How To Secure Your Home While You Are On Vacation

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Finally, you can step out and go on that vacation that has been on your bucket list for the last three years. While this might sound romantic and adventurous, you will still need to protect yourself as you go out and your home too. Since there would be personal belongings still there when you travel, make sure to give it protection. Check out Self Defense Key Rings for the best alarm for keychains or tools to carry on with you as you travel. Besides that, you will also need to go for some safety measures for your home too. Here’s what you do. 

Fix All Broken Windows and Locks

If you have so far ignored that loose windowpane or the rattling latch on the door, repair it. These are small but significant issues that you should not delay in fixing. If a burglar prowls around your home or watches these problems from afar, this would be a perfect chance for them to use. 

Suspend Deliveries of Papers and Mail

If you are away for some days or weeks, suspending your mail or letters is better. Contact the postal department and newspaper office to suspend these for the specific dates. If the outsider sees the deluge of newspapers and mails outside the main door, he would know no one in the house. 

Take Help from Neighbors

If you are friends with neighbors or have some friends living close by, ask them to keep an eye on your property. They may even mow your lawns and gardens in shape till you return. This way, the outsiders or burglars may assume that someone is always home and it is not a potential target for robbery. Also, if the neighbors notice any discrepancy, give them the freedom to call the police. This kind of help is what should give you the best peace of mind. 

Have The Security Cameras Working

Many modern homes have security cameras outside their main door or backdoor and even on garage doors. Install these and opt for syncing them with your smartphones. It would allow for remote viewing of the footage and give you the reassurance you need. Also, planting motion sensors can give the cameras better functionality. If the home’s entry or access points to the locker has a digital access pad, it is better. Change the password before leaving and stay safe. 

Fake Your Presence

Many people draw the curtains and block the windows completely. It might seem natural. But if the windows remain shut in that way for a month, the miscreants might assume that you are not there. Remove ladders or any sharp tools from near the windows outside. Keep the tool shed shut and if possible, leave a few curtains open just partially to give it a usual look. 

Besides these, if you want to keep yourself safe, insert a defense keychain or other gear under the teapot or shelf. These would be handy and in reach when you return home after the vacation. With these small precautionary moves, you may protect your home and self even as you are away from home. 


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