Safety is a Given No Matter where you are with SDKR-California Travel Spots

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For the most part, the world is a pretty safe place for travellers, and to ensure that, it is wise to be prepared. With SDKR’s bundle keyrings, safety is a given, and preparation is easy. Some of California’s most beautiful locations are best experienced alone, and taking your self defense keychain with you will help you feel extra prepared for your perfect solo trip.

  1. Big Sur is a gorgeous, scenic drive along the coast of California where you can enjoy breathtaking views, hikes, campgrounds, beaches and quaint little towns along the way. Visit the iconic Bixby Bridge which divides the crashing waves of Big Sur’s ocean and the lush greenery on the coastline. For easy keychain self defense, take our Balancer 6 along with you which includes a whistle, alarm, and pepper spray. With Balancer 6’s key tool, open up your bottles and cans for a relaxing sip by the ocean, while using the key knife for any of your camping or hiking needs. 
  2. Solvang is a charming, small town in southern California, packed with Danish architecture, quirky boutiques, and delicious eateries. Bike and walk around town with the Balancer 6 in pink to match the eccentric vibes of this unique, historic town. Solvang is famous for Mission Drive, The Vintage Motorcycle Museum, the Elverhøg Museum of History and Art, and its crafty Danish bakeries. This little town was actually named one of the favorite destinations of Southern California. 
  3. Yosemite National Park is one of the most famous solo weekend trips to take in California. Whether you’re immersed in nature or hanging outside, the stunning waterfalls, towering trees, immense trails, and gorgeous photo taking viewpoints, Yosemite has something for everyone to do. For a compact toolkit and self defense keychain in one, checkout Balancer 6 in silver for a pocket tool that has everything you need from a knife, key took, alarm, whistle, to pepper spray, and leave more room in your backpack for one or two more cameras (you’ll need it!). 
  4. Visit Big Bear Lake in San Bernadino for all your weekend getaway needs. From hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, and and horseback riding to skiing, snowboarding, and ziplining in the winter, this spot is the perfect solo trip waiting to happen. Big Bear Lake is famous for its outdoor recreational activities and the amazing autumn foliage. Stop by Boulder Bay Rock and Castle Rock Trail with our Balancer 6 bundle keychain in silver for extra precaution on this outdoor adventure. 
  5. Adventure awaits at Death Valley National Park, with its towering peaks and endless rays of sunshine. Known to be one of the driest and hottest places in the world, Death Valley is a tourist hub and an amazing travel spot for an adventurous weekend escape. Some of the most notable spots to see at Death Valley include the Harmony Borax Works which is a crumbling mining complex, Dante’s View which gives a bird’s eye view of the mountains and dry land, and Hell’s Gate which is the perfect scenic viewpoint to end a day trip. Don’t forget to add the Balancer 6 to your travel pack list!

At the end of your trip, we hope you’ll have felt comfort and confidence with the help of our Balancer 6 keyring set—or any other bundle key ring set. No matter where you’re travelling, safety should be a given, and with our self defense keychain line—it is. 


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