Top 3 Big Reasons To Carry A Pepper Spray And Other SDKR Self Defense Bundles For Ultimate Safety

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Is your daughter going to study in a new city quite far from home? You have already watched enough news to know the rise of crimes against women these days. Hence, you would rather equip your child as she goes out. You may pack the self-defense kit, including a pepper spray bottle. 

These days, the market has plenty of these self-defense items available online to protect yourself if you face any assailant anywhere. What do these pepper spray bottles contain? They contain oleoresin capsicum oil that can produce tears when you spray on the face. The police members also recommend the use of these as ideal ways to tackle any attack. 

Remember, the mace and the pepper spray bottles are two different things, and the latter is more effective. 

You indeed have the police on patrol, and most of the time, you may find the help you need. Still, you would surely save yourself or others in these times if you have the pepper spray keychain set. What other reasons are there to buy these right now? 

To Reassure Yourself 

Your daughter may be self-confident and might even be reassuring you of the ways she can take care of herself. But you also are aware that 1 in every 3 women worldwide is experiencing some violence or the other. This said, if you are in a different city, you may not be able to keep an eye on your daughter’s safety. The best way to ensure she is safe and fight off any unwanted attention or attack is by giving her a pepper spray bottle. 

Likewise, this pepper spray these days comes with different power levels and can cause anything from slight irritation to severe inflammation in the face. Pick one for yourself if you have to go to the office at all hours of the day. Knowing that you have this spray bottle in your bag can by itself cause you enough reassurance and keep you safe at all times. 

To Help Others in Need

There is a great relief knowing you can be of help to others too. So if you see someone facing some violence, you can immediately jump to their help. The self-defense kit keychain is an excellent weapon in hand. 

Our pick is Balancer from the Self Defense Key Rings site. It packs the best tools like an alarm, key knife, tear-gas, whistle, and a key tool in one handy set. In this case, the pepper spray bottle can also cause them enough irritation in the eyes, nose, or face. It will give the victim enough time to get some extra help or call 911. 

Handy Tools to Protect Yourself 

You may not realize someone is following you as you step outside an ATM or the bank. These robbers may mug you and ask you to hand over the money. Just take the pepper spray bottles and use them from even a distance of 10 feet or 20 feet and save yourself from the money loss. 

Just make sure to buy the self-defense bundle or spray bottles from Self Defence Key Rings for giving yourself safety above everything else. 


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