Traveling to LA? Take our self defense keychain and secret street art spots with you!

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When traveling, some of the most amazing experiences can be finding local or underground spots that many tourists don’t know about. If you’re in the Los Angeles, California area, take a second to stop by these underground street art spots in the Metro stations for some creative finds. While subways can be seen as dangerous, with a SDKR self defense keychain in hand and some curiosity for unique art, you can enjoy these areas without worrying about your safety. 

  1. Vermont/Beverly Station

The Gorgeous Stone is located in this station, with its beautiful galactic formations that frame the walls of the Vermont/Beverly Station. The rock formation is made of various earthy colors as well as natural glitter, giving those waiting at the metro station something gorgeous to look at. While waiting for your next Metro ride, keep our Balancer 6 self defense key rings with you, consisting of a pepper spray, safety whistle, personal alarm, key knife, key tool, and keychain handle for effective self defense above and underground. 

  1. Vermont/Sunset Station

The Vermont/Sunset Station meets all your sci-fi wonder needs. Built by the Diedrich Architects, the Ecliptic/Illume piece is a beautiful, futuristic pillar adorned in the background by a wall of constellations and stars. To match the futuristic vibes of this station, take along our Minimalist with Clip self defense keychain, with a shiny, silver key knife and safety whistle, as well as a sleek black leather key handle, to fit right in. 

  1. Hollywood/Western Station

Looking for some nostalgic, retro installations in the LA area? Head to the Hollywood/Western Station to see some unique, colorful checkered printed tile walls to reminisce the 70s, paired with black and white photographs of the beginnings of the Metro Station. The Escudero-Fribourg architects of this Metro station really did their best to make LA visitors and residents feel like they took a step back in time. Carry around our Balancer 6 self defense keychain in pink to match the funky, retro vibes of this station. 

  1. Hollywood/Vine Station

Hooray for Hollywood! Is the name of one of the coolest Metro installations in the city. The Hollywood/Vine station welcomes you in with bright palm tree pillars and old camera equipment replicas, while adorning some of the walls with rows and rows of old empty film reel canisters. Don’t let the architects of this station down, and make sure to take SDKR’s sleek black key knife or any one of our chic self defense keychains with you to match the vibes of this old Hollywood station. 

  1. Hollywood/Highland Station

For the grooviest Metro architecture you’ve seen, frequent the Hollywood/Highland station. The main installment is called “Underground Girl” by the Dworsky Associates, and the circular unique shape of the subway tunnel, along with the colorful posters along the Metro station walls will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. Make sure to take along one of our self defense key rings with you, so that no matter how entranced you are in this Metro station, you’ll stay safe. 

There are so many underground spots to see in LA, so we hope you take along one of our self defense keychains and take a trip to the Metro stations in Los Angeles, California. 



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