Consider Opting For The Finest Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

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Self-defense is such an aspect that can save you from unpleasant situations if you have the right tools and courage to combat the threat. Whether you prioritize it or not – self-defense devices are and will be a crucial requirement, as unfavorable situations can come anytime without prior notice. You know the consequences if you fall short in effectively bringing you out from it.

Self-defense means saving yourself without severely harming the attacker, although self-defense products must be competent enough to serve their purpose. Moreover, as you need to keep that tool always with you, it should be handy enough to be carried all the time. Considering all these elements together, we have arrived to let you inform you about some of the best non-lethal self-defense weapons whose presence is enough to make you feel safe. 

Safety Alarm

When under attack, most of us think about calling help before everything else. A personal safety alarm is designed only for that cause. When triggered, it produces loud sounds in frequencies unbearable to the ears. However, it can assist you in critical situations in two ways. First off, the alarm sound is enough to catch the attention of people near that area who will come to the spot for your redemption. Secondly, the attackers will also be informed about this and run away to save themselves from getting caught. 

Pepper Spray Keychain

Pepper Spray from a keychain – just the mention of this combination is enough to depict how handy and practical this product would be. Pepper spray is nonlethal, but it is powerful enough to make an aggressor think twice before doing anything unjust if he took a pepper spray treatment before. 

A pepper spray keychain is a normal-looking keychain where you can keep your keys. But, intriguingly, it has been attached with a pepper spray canister. It means it will be lightweight and handy enough to carry within purses or bags and hold on hand without anyone noticing. If you are keen to have one, you can consider Balancer 6. It’s a multi-tool key ring, which contains pepper spray, alarm, whistle, and three other self-defense tools in one place. 

Self-defense Knife

Now, we don’t have to tell you how you can use a knife in self-defense. But in brief, if you manage to put out a knife before foes, you might even evade the situation of using it. First off, taking out a knife demonstrates that you won’t go without putting up resistance, in which they also have equal chances of getting harmed. Hence, they might not take a chance and flee away. Even if they do, you have a weapon in your hand to create opportunities of getting out of the situation. 

Wrapping Up

The mentioned self-defense weapons are enough to come to your rescue in need; therefore, one of them should always be with you irrespective of reasons. However, many other self-defense gadgets are present at Self Defense Key Ring, which you can opt for. All of them come attached with keyrings and are in economical price ranges.


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