6 Reasons You Should Learn Self Defense

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Let’s talk about self defense! Learning self defense comes with many benefits and it is important for everyone to at least know the basics of self defense. Check out our self defense store to see which bundle is right for you! 


The first benefit of learning self defense is safety. Learning basic self defense moves can help you protect yourself and your loved ones. If you don’t know where to start on your self defense journey, we recommend you do some research and watch some YouTube videos about self defense for beginners. To get started on your self defense journey, our founders recommend you start off with SDKR’s Balancer 6. Once you have your bundle, learn how to use these tools properly to protect yourself. Learn how to utilize the pepper spray keychain and you are already one step closer on your self defense journey. 

Confidence and Reassurance

One of the greatest benefits of learning self defense and having the right tools by your side is confidence and reassurance. Taking one self defense lesson or practicing how to use SDKR’s bundles can improve your confidence and bring peace and harmony to your mood. It is important for young children to learn self defense as well. If putting your child in self defense classes is not something you are interested in, you might want to think about the Diplomat 5 bundle. It comes with self defense keychains that are easy to use. Our goal with this bundle was to only include tools that were great for any age. 

Improves focus

Taking self defense classes helps you clear your mind and makes you concentrate on what is going on at the moment. Typically in nerve racking situations, it is difficult to stay calm and focused. Learning how to defend yourself could drastically help you be more focused in those situations. Our pepper spray, whistle, and alarm are excellent self defense tools for stressful situations. 

Physical health

Not only is learning self defense good for your mental health, it is also beneficial to your physical health. Taking self defense classes will help improve your endurance and stamina in case of an emergency. If you don’t like cardio or weightlifting, give self defense training a try. You will burn calories, gain muscles, and learn new skills! 

Street awareness and fighter’s reflex

Do you observe your surroundings every time you are out? Participating in self defense lessons would help you be more aware of your surroundings. This is important in case of an emergency. Self defense teaches you to be ready for anything. Always keep your eyes peeled! To raise your street awareness and provide an extra sense of security, have SDKR’s Serenity 4 by your side. Feel at peace on the street with this bundle! 

A fighting relex is a physical response to a fighting stimulus. Self defense lessons can help you develop this reflex. If the situation ever arises, your reflexes will kick in and help you exit the situation safely. 

Self discipline

Have you ever heard people talk about how it’s all about discipline and not motivation? Well, they’re right. Sometimes you just don’t want to do something. Taking self defense classes can make you more disciplined. Being more disciplined will become more beneficial in your everyday life. It definitely won’t come at first, but it’s all about taking baby steps to your end goal. You can do it! 


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