In-Home Burglary Statistics And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

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Safe homes safeguard people living inside from outside threats. Do you consider the people 100% safe who have installed home security systems? Indeed, to some extent, they are, since, according to statistics, homes without security systems in place are 300% more prone to be burglarized

But, can a home security system offer full-proof protection when burglars have already become acquainted with how these systems work and how to find their blind spots to intrude into a house. Showing that 2.5 million burglaries are happening in the United States annually, the United States Department of Justice’s yearly report states otherwise. 

But, what to do when despite the presence of a security system, someone has successfully broken into your dwelling? Self-defense keyrings are pretty effective in such situations. The thumb rule is avoiding confrontations. But, if there’s no other way except doing that, use the tools we have discussed in this article to create enough resistance to make him retreat.  

  1. Baseball Bat

In need, even otherwise simple-looking tools can become the exact weapon you need, and a baseball bat is a fine example of that. Experts recommend a baseball bat because of the strength, weight, and range it has. Suppose someone approaches to do any harm to you, and you confront him/her swinging a bat ferociously; chances are the intruder will step back and leave your premises. So, now you know, a baseball bat can make home runs, hitting balls and intruders’ heads both.

But, the only problem is if you have confronted the intruder in a narrow hallway or near the doorway, full swings of the bat may be deflected, hitting other objects instead of the housebreaker. Hence, a simple pepper spray keychain set can come as a great aid.  

  1.   Knives 

Holding a knife in hand, you can create as much resistance as with a baseball bat. Highly effective in narrow hallways or less spacious spaces. However, because of the lack of range, which generally batons have, you need to get closer to the trespasser. Another thing is no one roams around their dwelling holding kitchen knives. And, you may not have the time to go to your kitchen to get the big kitchen knife. But it’s better to have it than getting into a bare-handed tussle. Otherwise, consider purchasing a self-defense keychain set.   

Advantages of Self-defense Key Rings

If you are among persons who love to plan instead of thinking about solutions during a situation, purchasing self-defense keyrings would be a great option you can go for. You can visit to check their key knives, pepper spray keychain kit, multipurpose bundle key rings, personal alarm and whistle, and more. 

Self-defense keyrings are key rings when you don’t need to use them for shielding you, hence, multifunctional. They are pretty much budget-friendly. They look good and are designed to be your savior when in need. Therefore, keeping a self-defense kit always with you, regardless of whether you are home or not, brings you an added layer of safety you deserve.


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