About SDKR: Why We Started & Our Mission

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SDKR, or Self Defense Key Rings, is an emerging e-commerce site specializing in self-defense. We have offered a diverse range of products that include single key rings to bundle key rings. 

Safety and security are not just a priority of ourselves or property but also of our near and dear ones. When you go to work, what happens to them at home or as they go about their work? It might be a cause of concern, and the only way to take care of them would be by giving them weapons of self-defense. We from Self Defense Key Rings have got our inception with this thought. 

The Story Behind our Inception

Our founders have realized that you can only focus on your work if you know your dear ones are safe. It has been the driving force for the brand to come up. We have listed down the best self-defense keychain bundle tools, and these are all made keeping in mind discretion and portability in mind. It means you will be able to use it without drawing the attention of the attackers. Also, carrying around the silver and black lanyard or the pink lanyard will look like any fancy key chain. So, you can take it around and use it to defend yourself whenever you are nabbed. 

Our single ring category has the key knife, the pepper spray, stun gun, the No-Touch tool, and the personal alarm and whistle. These are a part of the self-defense keyrings and can stun or scare the attackers with ease. We have ensured that the parts of The Balancer are all easy to use and durable too. 

Most of the time, people find it challenging to fight freehand and instead opt for some tools to help them. Here, our range of pepper spray keychain sets or other tools can come in handy. We offer same-day shipping if you are placing the order before noon. 

We currently only ship across the USA and so, if you are anywhere in the States, place the order now. 

Why We Started

In recent times, the rate of crimes against people has grown up. This said, we also noticed that there were often fatal injuries, some even resulting in death. We feel that without any self-defense techniques or weapons, people often end up like this. So, to arm you better with highly reliable tools, operational with a single hand, and even in the dark. It led to the development of our site and the products that we sell here from SDKR. 

Our Mission

However strong or weak he or she is, we aim to equip everyone with the best self-defense tools. We are doing it as a campaign to ensure the miscreants think twice before mugging or nabbing anybody anywhere. The self-defense kit from Self Defense Key Rings has a wide range of accessories and gear to give you peace of mind even when you are alone. 

What are you waiting for? Check our products and stay safe. 


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