The Most Beautiful Hiking Spots in California to take an SDKR keychain

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Hiking in nature is one of the most beautiful, relaxing, and moving activities that you can do, especially with all the beautiful trails in California. Always be sure to carry around an SDKR self defense keychain for any of your small tool needs and a personal safety alarm for solo hiking adventures. Here is SDKR’s list of gorgeous, must-see hiking spots in California—welcome to hikers’ paradise. 

Yosemite Falls Trail 

Of course we had to start off the list with the iconic Yosemite Falls Trail, which is a beautiful hike to North America’s tallest waterfall. This hike is a 9-mile round trip with a short mile hike to Columbia Rock with views that sweep across Yosemite National Park, and then a more difficult hike up to Yosemite Falls. Solo hiking up natural mountains and rocks can be treacherous, so make sure to pack a personal safety alarm in your pocket or your backpack to keep safe and be worry free on your hike. 

Mount Shasta

Another famous and fantastic classic California hike is the beautiful mountain of Mount Shasta. The most popular hike is the Grey Butte Trail with a simple 3.5 mile round trip, it has incredible views of the mountain’s summit and the scent of the Mountain Hemlock Trees. This mountain trail is only accessible in the summer and fall however, due to the beautiful but dangerous snow that falls all around Mount Shasta. Take along an alarm for keychain from SDKR, (they sound for up to 50 minutes!) to stay extra cautious on your first, second, or third hike to THE Mount Shasta. 

Potato Chip Rock via Mount Woodson Trail

This 7.3 mile long back trail in Poway, California features a gorgeous lake and is rated as a moderately difficult hike. This trail offers a steep and narrow hike up to the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean in all of California. The famous boulder shaped like a potato chip is a must-see for both visitors and locals alike. Pack your backpack with a personal safety alarm in case of any emergency, a bag of potato chips, and head out to the Potato Chip Rock for yourself. 

Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail

If you are ever in the San Gabriel Mountains area of California, The Bridge to Nowhere is a must see hike. An abandoned bridge on a washed away road, this treasured spot is accessible from the East Fork Trail—a 10 mile round trip. The Bridge to Nowhere spans across the San Gabriel River and the trail crosses several river fords, offering places for hikers to stop and swim. For this must-see location, travelers should take a personal safety alarm from SDKR, especially when traversing the heights of the San Gabriel Mountains for extra safety. 

Solstice Canyon Loop

The perennial waterfall, Santa Monica Mountains, and outstanding greenery makes this the perfect hike for nature lovers. This short 3 mile hike near Malibu, California is nicely shaded as well, for hot summer days. Along the way, hikers will run into a creek, ruins of an old mansion, and incredibly picturesque views. Exotic plants and a hidden statue are located in secret spots around the hike as well. Take along one of SDKR’s keychain alarms and you’ll be set to walk this hike. 


The Most Beautiful Hiking Spots in California to take an SDKR keychain


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