5 Healthy Activities to Do in Spring

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After weeks of cold wind and snowfall, the sun has finally started shining bright and warm. You’re loving the spring warmth on your skin and have regained the will to get up from your couch. But the question is, what new activities should you do to make the most out of this time? Besides everyday chores, spring is the best time for healthy side activities.

If you’re planning to do healthy activities this spring, plan outdoor adventures and always keep a pepper spray keychain with you. Self defense pepper spray keyrings give you immense confidence so that you can enjoy it no matter where you are. Once your gear is ready, here are some healthy things you can do this spring:

Outdoor Activities

Enough slouching and practically living on the couch, it’s time to activate those muscles and go out. Whether you love evening walks or riding the bicycle is your favorite pastime activity, start it right after the weather changes. You can enjoy lazy sunny days in the park, hit a hiking trail nearby, or start early morning jogging now that the weather is bearable. But whichever activity you start, keep a self defense whistle or pepper spray keychain with you to be confident at all times.

Spring Cleaning

If the frigid weather didn’t let you deep clean the house or you were too busy, spring is the perfect time to compensate for it. This is the time when you don’t sweat like crazy, there are no heaps of snow outside, and days are bright enough to keep you energized. Fix one weekend for spring cleaning to make sure your home looks and smells nice.


Spring gardening is the most relaxing activity you can indulge in. If your garden plants look lifeless because of the freezing weather, gear up and remove all those damage signs from it. Start with cleaning the garden grass, sow new seeds, and water your garden to ensure it enjoys the spring season. This little effort will breathe life into your beautiful garden.

Community Projects

If you’re associated with a church or local book club, inquire about their ongoing projects and get registered. Community projects are best for socializing and enjoying a quick getaway from everyday life. You can also partake in a walk-a-thon, register for a cleaning activity, or prep for the service. However, make sure you have a self defense keychain or a pepper spray keychain while going to crowded places.

Reading and Brain Stimulation

Sure, working out and indulging in physical activity is great in this weather, but don’t overlook the importance of brain stimulation. If you’re into reading, join a book club and participate in related activities. Reading and researching enhance your cognitive skills; spending your spare time in such activities is smart.


Spring is the best time to become physically and mentally active. Now that the cold spell is over and we’re returning to normal life, participating in healthy activities is in your best interest. Pick anything that excites you and make it a habit this spring. If you like outdoor activities, choose from a plethora of self defense pepper spray keyrings at Self Defense Key Rings, and you’re good to go.  


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