4 safety tips to follow in a new neighborhood

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Are you moving to a new location and neighborhood? If yes, you need to keep a self-defense keychain handy in your purse. Moving to a new place is indeed really exciting. But it would be best if you are extra prepared for your safety as well. Even the safest neighborhood may also experience occasional criminal activities. So, make it a priority to always keep a self-defense keychain in your pocket for use. It could be just a small personal alarm or a pocket key knife. However, a small self-defense product can be way more useful in times of ultimate need.  

Installation of security measures

When owning a new home, make it a point to change the locks. Remember, the previous residents have access to the old lock. It will be wise to keep a separate pair of self-defense key rings in the key holder just beside the main door. You can have an extra feeling of protection with a self defense product and feel much safer and at peace.

Keeping an alarm handy 

To be extra cautious, keep a personal alarm with you as well. These alarms are small in structure and can be carried easily. Each alarm also comes with an added LED light attached to it. At night you can easily use this light and get to know your route to home when out. The alarm comes with an ear-piercing volume of 130db for better safety measures.

Being prepared with a self-defense keychain

A simple solution to be effectively protected when moving to a new location is carrying a Motherload 18. This self-defense keychain comes with every possible self-defense option that you need. It is a full package consisting of several products. Staring from the alarm, pepper spray to that of the key knife, it has it all. Make sure to latch this product with your car or to the main key chain for better use. It will surely be of definite help when you need it.


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