10 Things to Do in Nature other than Hiking

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Love nature but tired of simply hiking and nothing else? For the nature lovers out there, here are 10 things to do amidst the outdoors that don’t involve hiking. Check out our self-defense store to bring along any one of our self defense gadgets with you for extra safety on your unique new adventures. 

Forest Bathing

The idea of forest bathing was first introduced to the modern world by Japan in the 1980s, and involves deliberately absorbing and really connecting with forest atmosphere. When visiting any forestry area, practice mindfulness by venturing out, walking slowly, and noticing every little thing around you. Take along any one of our self defense gadgets for an uninterrupted destressing moment. 

Pond Dwelling

The next time you find yourself near a large body of water, such as a lake, pond, river, stream, or bay, take an hour or two to rest and take in the world beneath the surface. Lie down next to the water bed, and observe the life that lives beneath and above the water—the fish, the creatures, the plant life, the flora—all co-exist to create a beautiful habitat that sustains life. With a self defense gadget in hand, rest quietly near the water bed without a worry of being distracted from this pond wonderland. 


On your next adventure to a natural habitat, try practicing your whittling skills on any nearby wooden object. Look for “green” branches that are freshly cut or moist if it’s your first time whittling, as these usually have softer wood, such as from pine, lime, or or hazel trees. Whittling is an incredibly beautiful art and using pieces of nature you find on your forest travels can be an amazing reminder of the time spent on that trip. At our self defense store, many of the self defense keychain bundles include a key knife for any of your compact whittling needs. 

Edible Wildflowers

This activity requires more research than the others, but can be a fun and informational experience and an important survival skill to learn. Researching edible plants is a great way to prepare for a nature trip, and some of the easiest edible flora to identify are edible wildflowers. These can include dandelions, forget-me-nots, or red clovers. Make sure to read up on edible plants and use caution when finding them in the wild. Avoid plants that are near areas with lots of pollution or roads to be extra safe. Bring along self defense gadgets for easy edible flower hunting. 

Woodland Yoga

A great way to combine exercise and meditation is the practice of yoga. Taking this movement to an area with lots of nature or on a trail itself, can increase your connection to nature and to yoga itself. Many poses in yoga are also based in the movements of nature from poses like warrior tree, mountain pose, and staff position to the bear, log, and stick poses. There are many variations of yoga poses online that can also be translated to when you are specifically trying to connect to the energy of the earth. Set up your yoga area in the wild with a self defense gadget nearby for extra caution while you go on your mediational journey. 

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