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Top 5 Ways In Which College Students Can Earn Extra Income

Top 5 Ways In Which College Students Can Earn Extra Income

College expenses may not hit the rooftop but still, there are a few unavoidable expenses. Even with those grants and scholarships, you need extra money in hand. There are many apps and platforms that offer to do affiliate marketing for them. To resell, most students even purchase the products in bulk from eCommerce platforms. Like, purchasing the self defense gadgets such as the Balancer by a reputed online platform to resell them to college students, especially girls. Being in college doesn’t always mean you need to be broke. You can always make extra money to fund your expenses. Let us now see a few good ways to earn extra income.


If you are good at something, never do it for free. Check with your department and University office if some students need tutors. A few of you may be good at Science, Math, English, etc. You can always reach out to local schools for help. This way, you can tutor children and earn a considerable amount, and they will get academic help.

Start Your Blog

Most of us are blessed with the art of writing. We can use it to make some extra income. You can start your blog by turning your passion into a 6-figure income. Buy the cheap domain from a platform like Bluehost, download from free WP templates, and get started. When you notice traffic coming to your website, you can always make it better. You can write on travel, safety, self defense products, personal safety alarm, fashion, lifestyle, etc. Creating content that adds value to the customer’s life is necessary.

Sell Small Courses Online

If you are good at content creation, you can start with small courses that are easily readable and can be understood by students your age or junior. Your courses must provide some value to the users, so curate them in the easiest possible way. Monetize them and make easy money by selling them online.

Take Brand Surveys

This is the best possible thing one can do. You can join any of the reputed websites to take brand surveys. A few brands send the tester products to you. It will help provide a detailed review that will earn you good bucks. Most of the brands give surveys to fill in the questionnaire. Others may ask you to watch the videos that will help you make a good amount of money.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

There are many part-time virtual assistant jobs that students can undertake. You can do data entry work, cater to the brand’s customers, read emails, copywriting, or send the emails to the company’s clients. You can easily carry out the virtual assistant jobs in co-working spaces, working spaces, from your home, or your bedroom. There are versatile portfolios present for virtual assistants. You can pick one and get started.

Wrapping Up

College students need not stay broke anymore. They can do many online and even offline jobs to earn money in their free time. It will pay off their extra expenses, and there is always a room for partying with your friends. The reputed self defense store like Self Defense Key Rings do sell self defense gear for college students who are stepping out to make extra income. You can always check out their site for special deals. 

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